Claudio Ranieri wants to build a strong Leicester for the future

Claudio Ranieri insists that Leicester City are still in the building process but they had laid a solid foundation after winning the English Premier League title for the first time in their history.

The Foxes won 2015-16 Premier  League with 79 points,  seven points lead between them and Tottenham with two games to end the season.

Ranieri’s guided the club to their best ever achievement in 132 years after their formation this season and want to carry on their project on good grounds.

“We want to continue to build. When I came here, the project was to build a very good foundation and slowly, slowly to grow up together in three to four years to fight for the Europa League and slowly come to fight for the Champions League.

“Now the season is out of our project but of course, the foundation is very solid. We know very well we have to fight for the position but we want to do our best. I’m positive and I want to fight.”

N’Golo Kante, Riyard Mahrez and Jamie Vardy are strongly on the wish list of many stellar clubs but Cluadio Ranieri does not want to sell any of his players and insist will allow players who want to leave.

“I don’t want to sell anybody though, but of course if some players don’t want to stay with us because they are unhappy to continue with us, then I don’t want unhappy people.”

“We are looking to reinforce the team but with the same mentality, because this is my mentality and this is their mentality.”

“We had linked very well together. Whoever comes in must know we are working hard.”