Burnley close the year with a notable win

Andy Gray-Burnley FC-2017

How sweet it is the thrill of victory on New Year’s Eve, forecasting a lot of positive for Sean Dyche squad looking forward to make an impact in its second half and look to place his Clarets in a notable position.

No going down as this win gives his squad plenty of confidence ahead the upcoming months that will make Premiership once again a much-contested association until its end.

For the Clarets Boss Sean Dyche seen in Premiership as one prominent man at the helm of its squad and possibly one day to be in charge of the English National team, so far he has instituted in his Clarets a sort patience and perseverance.

These two factors are to endure in what seems a disputed campaign were he would like to continue with his squad, a return to another campaign in the big circuit of the EPL.

Very well, start generating a much competitive and resilient squad that one day can start fighting for European, cup trophies and even the league top.

As Sean Dyche sees the opportunity knocking to add points to his squad and take advantage of his situation as locals, these factors will make his squad endure another challenging campaign in Premiership.

So far, for the Turf Moor Boys in five matches with three wins and accumulating nine points out of fifteen in play, their spot in the overall table in eleventh place and nine points away from the danger zone of relegation.

Still for Burnley looking forward to their next compromise as a visitor next week in Etihad to face a much difficult and tough Citizens squads, this endeavour looks impossible but not tough for them, as anything can happen.

They can take advantage of the way the Sky Blues of Pep Guardiola are playing, as the possibilities are endless and these can score a very raucous and notable win over one of those considered as the giants of Premiership.

With and extraordinary afternoon for Burnley striker Andre Gray who had a treble in this match that buried the Black Cats deep in the league relegation zone, in today’s match the locals scoring capabilities were exposed openly by its eleven.

As Andre Gray with scores in the 31, 51 and 53 minutes and a penal taken by Ashley Barnes in the 67th were enough to seal a convincing win and ahead deliver three points of gold and build this squad momentum with the league second half knocking.

In the case of Sean Dyche his work is showing off and maturing in a speedy pace that one day he can even manage one of those so called big quads, but for now his main goals are to replenish his squad plenty of confidence.

Every match looks that the Clarets are getting them immersed in a much technical game and avoiding any type of contacts that lead them to fouls, despite that philosophy adopted by their Boss Sean Dyche, Dean Marney came with one in the 45th.

At the end this win, delivers something that Burnley Manager desired for quite some time, the high levels of confidence lost since their promotion from Championship, know will this translates into an all-around revival.

We about to find out in this second half, how this squad is for real and built for much higher grounds, is what Manager Sean Dyche has envisioned and now will like to apply it for his Clarets in this and many campaigns to come.

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.