Best EPL Betting Strategies For Upcoming Games

When betting on soccer at betway88, the EPL is the most popular league in the world. During league weekends, there are lots of games to wager on, and the odds are very solid because the league is highly competitive. As such, both novice and adept punters may have a hard time managing their bankroll, even while they win a few games. For that reason, this guide will come in handy, while betting on upcoming EPL games this season.

EPL Betting Tips & Predictions

Similar to betting on any other sport, you only need to place a wager when there’s value. Many people make the mistake of backing the bookies’ favorite, which might not always end in your favor. More importantly, you need to be familiar with the different wagering markets available and concentrate on the ones you feel most confident with.

Here are a few predictions of upcoming EPL games in the 2020 campaign.

Wolverhampton vs. Arsenal

The match between Wolver Hampton and Arsenal will take place on 4th July at 6:30 pm.  According to the latest statistics, Arsenal and Wolverhampton have relatively equal strength, and the result seems to be very open.

In the last five encounters, Wolverhampton has won four matches and one draw, while Arsenal has won three and lost two. In their previous clash, the game ended in a draw, and it’s no surprise if a repeat result occurs. As such, it’s reasonable to back Arsenal, which is the bookies’ underdog and covering the bet with a draw.

Manchester United vs. Bournemouth

Having won four games out of their last five fixtures, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s men are on a hot winning streak. The Red Devils will face relegation-threatened Bournemouth on Saturday, and the odds seem to be in their favor.

With Betway Online football bets, Manchester United is the game’s favorite with 1.21 odds. As such, there’s no value in betting on the Red Devils as the outright winner, though you can boost the odds by betting on Over 2.5 goals or Asian handicap in favor of Manchester.

Leicester vs. crystal palace

In the current league table, Leicester is placed in 3rd position and crystal palace in the 11th position.  According to the current statistics, both teams have almost equal strength. The end game result remains to be open for both sides. In their last five encounters, Leicester has lost two games, drawn two and won one. For Crystal palace, they have won three and lost two matches in their last five encounters. According to betway88 betting, Leicester remains the favorites to win the game.  Betway88 has placed an odd of 1.63 on Leicester. The most recommended bet for this /game is for Leicester to win or draw.

Watford vs. Chelsea

The favorites to win the match are Chelsea. Counting on the latest EPL results for both teams, Chelsea is more likely to win the game.  Chelsea has won in their last four games and only one draw. On the other hand, Watford has lost four of their previous four matches with only one draw.  On their head to head matches, Chelsea has won in all of their last events. With these statistics, the most recommended bet on this game is a win on Chelsea.