Confront the Inevitable: Arsene Wenger’s Replacement at Arsenal may not be as clear as you think

In recent weeks you’ve faced a torrent of Manchester United themed articles from me as, whenever I try and re-focus, FC Hollywood ‘ave another ‘mare that draws me right back to Old Trafford. You’ll be ecstatic to hear that this time around I have decided to write on another club and topic that seems to want to grab the headlines; the future of Arsene Wenger and his creaking Arsenal side.

I don’t think Monsieur Wenger shall be sacked. There is too much respect from the board (and a number of loyalist gooners) to tear up his contract. This, for me, doesn’t rightly guarantee that Wenger stays the summer in north London, mind.

The wolves are at the door in many ways. Let’s get something straight: an immaculate Champions League qualification record is a huge achievement and we’ve seen with United that that can be taken for granted; even Arsenal’s arch-rivals at White Hart Lane would have given anything for even half of that record but the record is not enough on its own.

“Wenger is a sucker for the long game, a real chess player. He would have been planning to launch his title win this season and though the traditional excuse carousel has left him wanting, quite frankly, an Arsenal squad with the injuries it has and the extra fixtures it has should still sit above Leicester City.”

I backed Manchester City and Arsenal for a two-horse race to the title on the season’s eve and I was certain; a fair few were. For a while, having endured Wojciech Szczeszny, David Ospina and Vito Mannone in recent years the sense was Arsenal could really compete what with a world class shot stopper and it was a world class shot stopper whom they captured in a player I hugely admire, Petr Cech.

It was no surprise to me that Jose Mourinho let Cech hop on the tube and stroll into Boreham Wood’s training complex; Mourinho himself not far from selling Juan Mata to United and making failed attempts to sign Wayne Rooney as, like he said in Milan, there is no shame in mutual business. He’s been proven right. For better or worse, Cech was not the missing ingredient.

All this is to say that, for me, and many will disagree, Wenger’s time is up. How long can Arsenal fans sit idly by with utmost loyalty as their team achieves nothing in the league, the bread and butter competition? However, like always, I have the solution:

Stan Kroenke, whom himself has taken a lot of flack this week or whoever is the axe-wielder here MUST take note of Manchester United hiring David Moyes. The situation is not wholly worlds apart given the long-standing tenure of a supreme, unquestioned leader. The mistake would be to hire a progressive manager to that line of thought.

For me, the perfect answer is to go completely the opposite way and provoke emotions from players. For me, you go for Roberto Mancini. Make no mistake, there would be no hangover from the Wenger tenure and Mancini is a winner and a quality tactician. Better yet, he reaps the rewards of human emotion; he is the perfect example of whom should manage Arsenal next.

So, rejoice, Arsenal fans. You, Stan Kroenke and Piers Morgan can all thank me this time next year when Roberto Mancini is on the cusp of a title win with Arsenal. You’re welcome.

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