David Moyes and Sunderland: An awful project with no Direction

Daivid Moyes-And awful Project called Sunderland-November 2016

Still for David Moyes with no solutions to remedy and to try, putting a stop to these series of odd results at Sunderland. And it look as if he is running out of ideas and solutions to stop the skid.

Not again, are the clamors around the Stadium of Light, after seeing their squad submerged once again in a crisis so deep that this time they may not be as lucky, to get off as easily, like in the past campaigns.

Still for David Moyes with no solutions to remedy and to try, putting a stop to these series of odd results for his club, by the looks of it, he is running out of ideas and solutions to stop the skid. Can Sunderland Avoid Premier League Relegation this season ?

The Black Cats have only managed to score six goals in the nine matches they played so far. But conceded an awful seventeen against goals. There is no wonder this Tyne-Wear squad is going through such a crisis.

With just a couple of draws against Southampton and West Brom and hitting the bottom of the overall league table with just two points, no wonder their followers are singing of their club’s mediocre campaign.

As the crowds in the Stadium of Light, in their last meeting against almighty Arsenal, the crowds after seeing the disinterest from their initial eleven, suddenly the whole stadium started signing in unison the words of How awful we are!

In addition, I do not blame them, after all the Sunderland faithful has not enjoyed or cherished in the previous campaigns a winning one, just being in the edge of their seats and praying for their squad to not going to the infamous championship league.

On this weekend, the Black Cats were to host a tough and resilient Arsenal FC, playing like a contender and seen as a strong candidate to win the league shield.

For the locals it was the right time and an opportunity to try to score an all-around upset to one of the leagues foremost of squads and with a win over the league leaders, this would come in the right moment.

As the match progressed both squads put on a display of their best football, still the wisdom of the Gunners Manager Arsene Wegner was seen immediately, when he saw how feeble the Sunderland defensive core could not defend against his aerial game.

Despite the Tyne- Wear squad, it’s Boss displaying a 4-5-1 formation, in his quest of reinforcing his backfield and prevent that the posts defended by his keeper Jordan Pickford not beaten.

For David Moyes seeing his troubles once again falling flat and his strategies and sqaud not putting a dent on the Londoners momentum, after these managed to score the equalizer in the 65th minute via Jermain Defoe.

Many though in the Stadium of Light that the game was going to finish with a lone goal when Alexis Sanchez beat the defense and scored the first goal of the match in the nineteenth minute with the game staying put in the Londoners side.

After the penal that the Gunners players argued, these saw their lead blown away after 64 minutes of pure dominance, but the path of victory is paved in making all the right moves and at the end for Manager Arsene Wegner his moves paid up. With both Alexis Sanchez and substitute Oliver Giroud putting his squad ahead in 71st minute and five minutes later he put the score at 3-1 and later Sanchez put the icing on the cake in the 78th to seal the deal for Arsenal.

Poor is the adequate word to describe a squad that so far has not displayed a simple piece of brilliant or dynamic football that can make them into a contender and with upcoming matches against Bournemouth and Hull City.

The upcoming matches for the Black Cats are vital if not crucial for them, to consider their salvation a bit more seriously, but in the eyes and minds of this club top brass the outcome will be grounds to make a drastic decision.

Especially in their club helm, if Moyes does not deliver in his project, as the Cherries will be a tough foe to beat but not impossible, as for the recently promoted Tigers, currently in the relegation spots.

Maybe that elusive and long awaited win may arrive, but in the case of the Black Cats, they will have a tough fight against the Hull City squad, with these looking forward to use the Tyne- Wear Boys as their stepping-stone out of the relegation spots.

For David Moyes to turn things around at Stadium of Light will be a bold endeavor in his quest of getting off from that negative streak that seems to haunt him since his days at Old Trafford and Anoeta.

Can he turn the tide in favor of his Black Cats and maybe salvage this odd campaign at the conclusion of this campaign and shake off his so-called Trafford curse or will he endure another fracas to overshadow his long won accomplishments during his time at Merseyside.

The Scotsman’s stint at the Stadium of Light could be over if the Black Cats fail to register a win against Bournemouth this Saturday. However, the awful project at Sunderland is expected to continue for seasons to come – with or without Moyes.

Fern is a History Major born and raised in Tijuana and San Diego. He is currently working on his book about Soccer in America which will be published soon. And it will be called ‘Soccer Americana Style’.